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IFS Financial Therapy helps individuals to permanently integrate the ability to make sound financial decisions that support, rather than sabotage, financial wellbeing.
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What Is IFS Financial Therapy?

Rick combines Financial Therapy with Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy. This focused process allows his clients to identify and modify extreme money beliefs, resulting in the ability to integrate new financial behaviors which enhance financial wellbeing. This overt practice of addressing financial beliefs and behaviors allows progression to financial wellbeing more quickly than in traditional IFS Therapy. He is a Certified IFS Practitioner, Certified Financial Therapist-Level 1™, Certified Financial Transitionist™, and a Certified Financial Planning Practitioner™ and has co-authored four books on financial therapy, writes a weekly blog at, and has a weekly podcast “Financial Therapy - Its Not Just About The Money”. IFS Informed Financial Therapy helps individuals and couples make sound financial decisions that support, rather than sabotage, financial health. IFS is an evidence-based approach shown to be effective for treating a variety of conditions and their symptoms. IFS Informed Financial Therapy, while in its infancy, is similarly effective in helping clients reduce anxiety, panic, and internal conflict around money and to help create and maintain financial well-being. The focus of IFS Informed Financial Therapy is creating emotional and financial wellbeing within a person. This is done by healing wounds that cause financial imbalance and creating financial harmony within by changing the dynamics that create financial discord. You will learn what you subconsciously feel and believe about money and how you came to acquire these beliefs and feelings. You will learn how to release these extreme beliefs and the feelings associated with them so you have more freedom to modify financial behaviors and address the actual financial problem. Rick limits IFS Informed Financial Therapy to IFS trained practitioners or therapists and their clients. Sessions are a typically 90 minutes and we recommend that you initially commit to six sessions. If you qualify, please go to our website, and fill out a request for a 30-minute free consultation.
Richard Kahler, MS, CFT-1, CFP, CeFT
Certified IFS Practitioner / Financial Therapist

Financial Therapy - It's not just about the money

  • Financial Therapy
  • Problematic Family Money Legacies
  • Polarizing Financial Decisions
  • Problematic Financial Behaviors
  • Inheritor Issues
  • Financial Trauma
  • Financial Disorders
  • Under/Over Spending
  • Excessive Financial Risk Taking
  • Sudden Money Events
  • Financial Anxiety
  • Financial Life Coaching
  • Life Transitions
  • Financial Fear/Paralyzation


  • IFS (Internal Family Systems)

Insurance Accepted

  • Private Pay Only


  • 90 Minute Session: $325
  • 120 Minute Session: $395

“Rick brings a unique blend of financial expertise combined with therapeutic support and attunement. I’ve never met anyone in his field with this kind of well-rounded expertise. Heather M., Ottawa, Canada”


“Working with Rick was life changing. He blends deep inner work with wise and tangible financial next steps, creating more financial abundance, that helped me show up more fully for my clients. I would recommend ANY wellbeing professional do this work with him.”


“Rick is an incredibly skilled IFS coach, with the added bonus of being hugely qualified in finance. He has a very special presence - a combination of gentle curiosity, compassion and humour, which helped me, as his client, explore and grow. Dr. Hillary Moore”


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